About our Cheese

These artisan cow’s milk cheeses are hand crafted at Rowdy Cow farmstead creamery located on our multi-generational family dairy farm in Burton, Ohio.

Fromage Blanc
This fresh, creamy, spreadable cheese is tangy and can be used in savory or sweet dishes. Similar to chevre or cream cheese. 
Flavors: Original, Dill Garlic Mint, Garlic Onion, Blueberry Lemon
Size: 8oz, 1lb or 2lb deli containers  /  Shelf life: 3 weeks


Lake Effect Farmhouse
This mild semi-hard cheese can be sliced or grated and melts nicely. It’s similar in texture to Monterey jack. The fresh, sweet flavor of the milk really comes through in this versatile cheese.
Flavors: Original, Bruschetta, Garlic, Chipotle, Dill, Fiesta
Size: 8oz or 1lb round vacuum sealed /  Shelf life: 6 months 

Claridon Hill
This soft bloomy-rind cheese is perfect for a cheese board. It has an earthy flavor, creamy texture and edible white rind.
Size: 8oz-9oz round packaged in white cheese paper /  Shelf life: 4 months 

Cheese Curds                                                                                         
These are the fresh curds of cheddar cheese that haven’t aged. Their flavor is mild with the same firmness as cheese, but with a springy or slightly chewy texture. Also know as “sque­aky cheese”.
Flavors; Original, Buffalo Ranch, Garlic & Herbs, BBQ, Salt Pepper Garlic
Size: 8oz container  /  Shelf life: 6 weeks 

Geauga Tomme                                                                                         
This semi-hard, natural rind cheese has a smooth, firm texture. It’s pure and simple, yet robust with a buttery, nutty, earthy flavor. Perfect to grate over your favorite dish. Aged a minimum of 3 months.
Size: 8oz wedge vacuum sealed /   Shelf life: 6 months


Cream Cheese                                                                                        
This all natural cream cheese is simply made with milk, salt, culture and rennet. No thickeners or stabilizers. It's fresh, creamy and delicious. A perfect spread, dip or ingredient.
Size: 8oz container /   Shelf life: 2 months