About our Milk

Rowdy Cow Creamery is a small farmstead creamery where delicious whole milk is bottled steps away from where the cows are milked. We only use the milk from the cows in our herd.                                                                                                             
Non-homogenized (cream on the top) milk is low temperature vat pasteurized in small batches, with minimal processing, to maintain its natural nutrients and great flavor. Remember to shake it before you drink it!       

We have white and chocolate milk in half gallons, quarts and pints available daily. In addition, a flavor is featured each week. Check out the "Milk Flavor Schedule" to see the featured flavor this week. 

On our farm, enhanced milk quality, cow comfort and nutrition of modern dairy farming meets old fashion, small-scale milk processing methods. This allows us to bring you a premium product. That's good for our cows and customers!